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Want To Be a Kick-Ass Copywriter? Then You’ll Need to Practice!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

A woman sitting at the water's edge,  she's on a lounger, facing the water with  her lap top on her legs.. There's a palm tree stretching out horizontally towards the water at the same level as her outstretched legs.

Are you looking for a job that gives you freedom? Do you want to work from anywhere in the world that has a Wifi connection?

Are you ready to set your own hours?

Do you dream of only working with clients you’d happily chat with for hours, leaving those annoying micro-managers to find some other poor soul to terrorise?

Then copywriting could be the career for you.

Despite the advent of AI, the need for skilled copywriters has never been greater. Words, whether written or spoken, surround our every waking hour and we’re consuming them more than ever before.

Yet our attention spans are getting shorter — just because they can…

We start to read something, but if it doesn’t grab our attention instantly, then we’re on to the next thing.

In the background is a clock face. In the foreground is the shape of a human head viewed from the side. the head has a blue background and is filled with multi-coloured cogs of different shapes and sizes

That’s why copywriting, with its deep understanding of the human psyche, is becoming indispensable to even the smallest of enterprises.

Capturing your reader in a millisecond isn’t a job for a computer program — at least not yet. And, once you have them there, holding onto that attention requires a level of creativity that often defies logic.

So, mediocre copy is on its way out…

— but compelling, persuasive, ethical copy is in high demand.

Selling high and fast is soooo old-fashioned — and a bit icky (if we’re honest) — yuk!

Who wants to sell a product to someone who doesn’t really want or need it?

Not me, that’s for sure.

When I decided to ditch my career in corporate communications for endless cups of tea and comfy trousers, it was because I had my heart set on making a difference.

I wanted to

help the good guys

and use my powers for the benefit of all.

To stop helping line the pockets of those who didn’t need any more money.

Many copywriting courses would have you believe building a business is simple. Speak to any self-respecting entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that’s rarely the case.

But ask them if being your own boss is worth it,

and I’ve yet to hear anything but a resounding “Heck, yes!”

A bright orange desk viewed from above with a computer keyboard, calculator, pen, glasses, a plant and a cup of tea seen partially around the edges

It’s a process, sure. And there’s something that still bamboozles me about the money-go-round of the online world. Yet, despite feeling out of my depth for around 50% of the time — I’m told that’s normal — I’ve managed to forge a career and now work with some dreamy clients, doing it my way.

As a former operations guru, I always needed to know how things were done and why. When I was satisfied I understood, I’d repeat the process umpteen times for it to sink in. Then record it and teach others how to do the same.

My job may have changed, but my method for understanding something new hasn’t.

As a new copywriter, you’re told you need to practise your copy (every day if possible). Predictably, my question was always, “How?”

With the little time I had between working my day job, taking courses and looking for clients, copywriting practice always got pushed to the bottom of the list.

Because it wasn’t EASY. There wasn’t a system to follow and that frustrated me.

If I was ever going to make a success of this I needed to find a solution.

Not only that, to define my sales strategy I had to identify what I loved to write and start building a portfolio too.

Phew! Time to put that operational brain into action.

The front cover of the workbook, The Copywriter's Workout. The background of the cover is a repeated pattern of orange and white concentric hexagons. The foreground shows the title, and the author's name - Wendy Ann Jones  in a white rectangle. Below in an orange rectangle is the sub-heading "build your copywriting muscles, find your niche & create a kick-ass portfolio".

Two and a half years later, I’ve published that system as a workbook so that new and aspiring copywriters can use it too!

The Copywriter’s Workout is a super-easy-to-use copywriting workbook that helps copywriters build their copywriting muscles in no time.

It’s packed with examples of companies and niches that need great copywriters and exercises that make practising FUN and EASY.

Define it, learn it, document it, and pass it on. Maybe my roots in the operational world haven’t truly withered — yet!

A picture of me, Wendy Ann Jones, the Reluctant Achiever, sitting at my desk looking to camera with a smile. I'm holding a pen posed to write. Also in the frame are my patterned tea mug (that I painted myself), my laptop and a peace lily in an orange pot.

Much love and encouragement,

The Reluctant Achiever

The Copywriter’s Workout is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle e-book. Follow the link below to find out more.

For copywriting enquiries, you can contact me at

To chat about publishing a book, being a copywriter, life as a Reluctant Achiever, or anything else — drop me an email at

The Reluctant Achiever is freelance writer and copywriter, Wendy Ann Jones.

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